At O bag, design and fashion have always come together to create bags and accessories that are recognisable in the eyes of everyone. Unexpected materials such as thermoplastic compound and food-grade silicone have made O bag products unique and the company a pioneer in a constantly evolving and novelty-seeking fashion.
For this reason, the raw materials are at the heart of the entire research and creative process of the brand which, in recent years, has been increasingly committed to offering products that are not only quality and aesthetically pleasing, but also original, resistant and long-lasting.






The innovative and ultra-lightweight plastic material is one of the 'brand ingredient' that has determined the brand's success and recognition. is an ultra-lightweight, flexible material that’s colourful, versatile and with an unmistakable feel. Thanks to its closed-cell structure, it prevents the absorption and proliferation of bacteria and is resistant to water, UV rays, chlorine and salt, while retaining its colour unaltered. When kept away from high temperatures and heat sources, the compound thermoplastic is long-lasting and also retains its shape. The material is free from heavy metals, phthalates, chrome, cadmium and other hazardous substances. The bodies and all O bag slippers are made of thermoplastic compound.






The imperfect Flip flops are made using compounds specially designed to support higher percentages of recycled vulcanised material, which is ground, processed and purposely treated so as to be returned to the production cycle. This procedure, stemming from ongoing investment in research and development, guarantees the use of 55-63% of recycled E.V.A. compared to the virgin polymer mass. The entire production process has been verified, standardised and certified under UNI EN ISO 14021:2016. Each production lot is recorded and tracked. The flip flops form part of the O zone collection, the green O bag project reflecting its commitment to an increasingly circular economy.



Non-allergenic food-grade silicon



The straps of O clock watches and the O bracelet are made using non-allergenic food-grade silicon, a synthetic material based on silicon (a natural element found in sand) and oxygen. It’s an extremely high-quality material, suitable for food use and completely non-toxic, odourless and tasteless, non-stick, elastic and