New multi-brand O bag and TGSS, the collaboration with ACBC continues.



After the very recent launch of O sneakers, the first O bag shoes made from recycled and eco-sustainable materials, the collaboration with ACBC continues with the new multibrand store project under the O bag and TGSS “The Green Sneakers Store” signs.

Two containers with a green soul where you can buy sustainable footwear - animal free, bio based and recycled - and O bag bags, where a shell is forever and allows you to have a different style every day with endless design.

An aggregative project that involves several fashion brands and has been launched in locations such as Milano Scalo, Franciacorta Outlet, Jesolo, Alassio and Pescara, with future expansion to other cities in Italy.





Limited Editions embellished with Swarovski crystals



O bag began its collaboration with Swarovski in 2020.

The winter collection included O bag mini matelassé, O bag capitonné, make up bags, wallets, and O clock signs of the zodiac watches.

The collaboration continues in Spring/Summer 2021 with a “Total White” collection that celebrates the colour most representative of summer, bringing elegance and radiance to O bag’s iconic products.

This totally new Limited Edition includes O bag mini, O bag doc, O bag urban, O pocket and the brand new O bag unique, as well as the iconic, comfortable O slippers and the handy O cling cellphone cover.









O bag has always been an active company, curious and open to collaborations and special projects, with the aim of encouraging synergy between fashion and design. This attitude gives rise to collaborations like the one with Matteo Cibic for the One backpack, or with Guzzini for the O eat, as well as collaborations with Disney and with the IED in Florence.


IED Florence


O bag’s collaboration with Florence’s design school, the IED, began in 2015 with a focus on creativity. For several years the young students on the specialist Fashion Design & Styling course have applied their characteristic creative approach to the design and prototyping of accessories for O bags. In this way the students are able to enhance their skills and learn new techniques in the process of creating O bag products.


Disney collection

O bag’s collaboration with Disney began in 2010 with the design of a special collection of O clock dials featuring some of the best-known characters: Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, Fethry Duck and more. The iconic Disney O clock dial with the silhouette of the world’s most famous mouse is one of the most successful dials to date of all the O clock collections. Over time this collaboration has increased in importance: in addition to watches, special collections of O bags, O bag minis and O pockets have been created and customised with details that evoke the Disney characters. In 2018, O bag was one of the Disney partners chosen to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday; to mark the occasion a special collection was launched dedicated to him, with O bags and O bag minis displaying the perforated outline of Mickey, combined with branded inner bags printed with a Mickey Mouse pattern. 2019 saw the creation of another Disney capsule collection with an extended range of products, including pochettes and backpacks. The well-established and long-lasting collaboration between O bag and Disney will doubtless have plenty of surprises for us all in the future!